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WhatsApp integration for Slack
WhatsApp integration for Slack

Learn how to use WhatsApp and Slack together for bidirectional communication on individual chats and WhatsApp groups

Updated this week

2Chat's integration with Slack will let you receive and reply to WhatsApp chats using Slack as the main interface. The user on WhatsApp will see chats arriving as if they originated on a normal phone using WhatsApp's application.

This integration works for individual (private) chats and WhatsApp groups.

Initial setup

To use this integration, you need to first install it on your Slack workspace. To do that,

  • You will now be prompted to install the app on your workspace. You will need to have administrator privileges on your Slack workspace to continue. Click Allow.

If you see a message like "This app is not approved by Slack" on the installation screen, this means our app is still in the process of being approved by Slack to be part of their marketplace.

Chat configuration

If the installation succeeded, you should see your workspace ready to be configured like in the screenshot below, where RDM is the workspace we installed 2Chat on.

Now that the app is ready, you can proceed to the documentation related to:

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