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Synchronize WhatsApp groups with Slack
Synchronize WhatsApp groups with Slack

Learn how to sync WhatsApp group chats with a Slack channel

Updated this week

If you haven't installed 2Chat on your Slack workspace yet, please do that first.

To synchronize individual/private chats, you can do that by following this tutorial.

How to use this integration

You can configure 2Chat to have all messages arriving at a WhatsApp group sent to any Slack channel in your workspace, and to have every message you send on that Slack channel forwarded to the configured WhatsApp group.

This integration will give you visibility on what's happening inside any WhatsApp group without having to leave Slack or have any of your team members be added to that group using their personal phone numbers.


Each WhatsApp group needs to be connected to its own exclusive Slack channel. You can't connect 2 WhatsApp groups to the same Slack channel, or use that Slack channel for WhatsApp groups and individual WhatsApp chats.

This is because once a group is connected to a channel, both become synchronized to each other. If you connect another group to that same channel, 2Chat won't know how to forward messages appropriately.

  • To configure WhatsApp groups with Slack, click on Group Chats tab

  • After you select the WhatsApp number you connected to 2Chat, you will see a list of groups that number is part of. Select the group you want to connect to your Slack channel.

  • Select the target Slack channel. If you haven't created the channel yet, check out the next step.

  • If you need to create the channel on Slack first, do that, and then return to this screen and click on Refresh Slack channels. Return to the previous step to select it.

  • Finalize the configuration by clicking on Save Changes, and if everything went fine, you should see a message 2Chat sends confirming the group was connected to Slack.

Testing the integration

The messages and timestamps on the screenshots serve as a guide on the direction of the messages, from Slack to WhatsApp or vice versa.

  • Every message received on that WhatsApp group will go to that Slack channel, and also every message you send on that channel will be sent to that WhatsApp group with your Slack name prefixed to the message.

  • What your customer will see on his WhatsApp group.

Your Slack name will be prefixed to each message. This will allow you to have any team member on Slack send a message to that group and be properly identified by the participants of the group on WhatsApp's side.

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