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How to bulk verify if numbers have a WhatsApp account
How to bulk verify if numbers have a WhatsApp account

Learn how to check phone numbers to avoid problems with WhatsApp marketing campaigns

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Validating phone numbers for WhatsApp marketing campaigns ensures accuracy, improves engagement rates, saves costs, enhances sender reputation, ensures regulatory compliance, enhances customer experience, provides accurate campaign analytics, and enables better segmentation and targeting.

You can use 2chat for checking if a phone number is valid and available for WhatsApp messaging. This validation can be made for one number or a massive validation.

Follow these steps:

  • Click on Tools and the View button in the Number Checker tool.

Validate phone numbers for WhatsApp manually

  • Click on upload the phone number manually here to enter phone numbers one by one

  • Enter phone numbers one by one and click on Check and add new phone numbers using the "+"

Bulk validate phone numbers for WhatsApp

  • If you have a list of phone numbers to validate you can enter these phone numbers in a Excel file (xls, xlsx) or CSV with just one column.

  • In the Phone column field, you can select the column containing the phone numbers to validate and next you can click on the ▶ button.

  • In the column On WhatsApp you can see the validation result, there you can see if the phone number is on WhatsApp (☑), is not enabled for WhatsApp ( ⚠) or the phone numbers is invalid (🛇)

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