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Flow component: Message
Flow component: Message
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The Message component allows you to send a WhatsApp message in a conversation.

You can send a message with text, images and videos.

Sending a text message

The text option allows you to add emojis

Dynamic variables that you can use to customize the message and increase engagement

Sending audios, videos, images and documents

You can upload files to the 2Chat media library to send them with a message component

Complex messages in WhatsApp

You can combine text, files and delays if you want to make the conversation look more human. The Delay option sets a delay in seconds and even you can enable 2Chat to enable the "Typing..." message

Different messages destinations

Depending on the trigger you can send messages to other destinations. When the trigger is not group related you can only send messages to the conversation that triggeres the flow.

When the trigger is related to a WhatsApp group you can send messages to the current group, to another WhatsApp group and a direct phone number.

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