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Using 2Chat for Google Sheets Add-on
Using 2Chat for Google Sheets Add-on

Learn how to use add-on to send WhatsApp messages within Google Sheets, validate phone numbers and more

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Learn how to star using Google Sheets to integrate Whatsapp with your 2Chat add-on, send bulk messages, validate phone numbers and more.

1. Install 2Chat for Google Sheets directly from the Google Marketplace

2. Get you API Key from your 2Chat account

3. Paste the API Key in the corresponding field and clic on Enable API

4. You must have a channel enabled in 2Chat. Now select the channel you will use in the other features.

5. You can use this section to validate a single phone number. This tool will help you to check if the number is valid and if it has WhatsApp enabled. Enter the number in international format and click on Validate Number.

6. You can validate several numbers, just enter the phone numbers in international format starting in the cell A2 and then click on Bulk validate.

7. You can send multiple messages in a bulk marketing campaign. Enter the phone numbers starting in the cell A2, the message in the cell B2 and click on Run campaign. You can use formulas in Google Sheets to customize messages for every destination.

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