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How to create a WhatsApp bulk message campaign?
How to create a WhatsApp bulk message campaign?

Learn how to send bulk WhatsApp messages to your customers in a simple way, send reminders, offers and much more in minutes.

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Each campaign you create can have up to 5,000 numbers. You can create as many campaigns as you need.

In 2Chat you can easily create bulk WhatsApp campaigns so that you can send to your customers marketing information, offers, notifications, appointment reminders, payment dates, and any other important information. Take advantage of the effectiveness of WhatsApp messages and follow these steps to begin sending messages to your customers in minutes.

1. Click on "Campaigns"

2. Click on "New campaign"

3. Download the template Excel file to create the campaign

4. Enter the data of the recipients

  • id: This field can have a consecutive

  • first_name: Recipient names

  • last_name: Last name of the recipient

  • phone_number: Telephone of the recipient in international format with a + sign at the beginning and with the country code before the telephone number

5. Upload the file and then click "Upload Recipient"

6. We enter the campaign data

  • A) Name of the campaign

  • B) Select the phone number you want to send

  • C) Time zone for the execution of the campaign

  • D) Select the speed for sending the WhatsApp messages. You can also configure the times and days when you want to send the messages, which is ideal when you have many recipients and want messages to reach them during business hours to maximize the opportunity for a response.

  • E) Enter the message you want to send massively. You can personalize the message with the first or last name of the recipient using the variables.

  • F) Select the image or file you want to send to your customers

  • G) By checking this option you can add the campaign contacts to the 2Chat contacts.

  • H) In this area you see the information of the recipients and a preview of the message they will receive.

  • I) After entering all the data you can save the campaign.

7. We review the data of the campaign and make the shipment

  • A) Here the summary of the sent campaign will appear

  • B) Click to start sending the campaign with the defined settings.

8. While the campaign is running you can pause or stop it

9. You can export a report of the results of your campaign

  • A) Click on Generate Report so that a CSV file is generated for download.

  • B) When the report is generated you will see a Download option

Referencing extra fields in a campaign

When 2Chat imports your spreadsheet it also imports all the column names with it. You can then use these column names as variables and reference them in the text you use on the message editor.

Take as an example the fields extra_field1 and extra_field2 in the screenshot below:

You could then use these fields as variables to compose a message that is more dynamic based on information coming directly from your spreadsheet data.

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