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How to create users in 2Chat?
How to create users in 2Chat?

Learn how to add users to your 2Chat team to handle your WhatsApp conversations with multiple agents

Updated over a week ago

To run this process you must have an administrator role

1. Click on your profile icon in the upper right corner and then click on "Team"

2. Click on "Create user"

3. Enter the details of the agent you want to add

  • A) Enter the email of the agent you want to add. Check that the email is correct and that your agent can review it, since the invitation to 2Chat will be sent there, which you must accept.

  • B) Select the role that the agent will have between:

    • Super-Admin: This role can perform any action within the account without restrictions.

    • Admin: Administrators are like Super-admins, but they cannot perform account deletion actions.

    • Operator: Operators can start and reply to conversations in channels they have access to, cannot view conversations in other channels without permission from an Administrator, and cannot change settings.

  • C) Select the WhatsApp channels to which the agent will have access.

4. Click on "Create User"

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