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Is my data safe with you?

How 2Chat keeps your data safe and why should you trust us

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2Chat follows industry best practices for keeping your data safe, with a Privacy Policy and Terms of Service that explicitly detail that we don't own your data and that we don't sell it or process it in ways that can compromise your privacy.

Who are you and why should I trust you?

Our legal name is "Nagence, Inc.", a company incorporated in the United States of America under the jurisdiction of the state of Delaware. We are subjected to the USA privacy laws and the European GDPR, which are our main markets.

We are currently a small team working remotely mostly from the Americas. You can learn more about our company, and current and past employees by visiting our LinkedIn profile.

We have vast experience creating software and selling Software as a Service. Our CEO, Carlos Ruiz-Díaz, previously founded and sold a company in the CPaaS vertical to a major player in the industry.

Where do you keep my data?

We use Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure, both in the USA region. Your data is stored in servers provided by these 2 hosting providers and, when needed, transported over encrypted channels.

Our API exit points are also provided by these vendors and never leave the USA region.

GDPR: Data Processing Agreement

We can provide our Data Processing Agreement (DPA) in the context of European regulations to any user currently using or willing to use 2Chat.

Please email us at [email protected] to request this document.

Customer reviews

You can find reviews from our customers in our Capterra profile.

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