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Errors creating a 2Chat WhatsApp Channel
Errors creating a 2Chat WhatsApp Channel
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These are the most common errors generated when a new WhatsApp channel is created in 2Chat:

Númber in the wrong format

When the number si not in the right international format or it is not enabled for WhatsApp you get the following error.

Please make sure the number is valid and using international format

To solve this issue you must validate the number is entered in international format (Country + Phone number) and that the number has WhatsApp account enabled.

Number used previously

When we have the number already used in another channel even in another account you get this message

The number you are trying to add already exists. If you or your team didn't add this number before, please get in touch with us.

In this case you must check if you have another channel created with the same number if don't you must contact our support team to help you solve the issue.

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